All Star Tower Defense tier list – Best characters in February 2023

If you ever played All Star Tower Defense on the MMO platform Roblox, then you already know the sheer amount of content and characters this game has to offer. If you are a new player, you are in for a big surprise. There’s a plethora of heroes and locations based on some very popular Shonen titles, such as Dragonball, Naruto, and One Piece. The list goes on and on.

Putting a strong team together to tackle various game content might prove to be more challenging than you think. Even if some units are S tier in a specific mode, they might not be as strong in another one. Also, not every hero serves the same purpose. Some are all about doing damage to the enemies, while others provide support to their team. So if you want to know which are the best units in their role, you are in the right place as our All Star Tower Defense tier list is up-to-date. Below you’ll find the best characters based on their role for each game mode. As we know you love to rank the characters as much as we do, we have to suggest you take a look at our Honkai Star Rail tier list, Soul Tide tier list, and Dislyte tier list of best espers. If these are not suitable enough, look around, you’ll find something interesting.

About the All Star Tower Defense tier list All the characters have been ranked based on their optimal conditions. For example, Legendary Borul rank is with Green Natural Orb, Golden Supreme-Leader with Golden-F scaling Orb and so on. Without these items, the characters are obviously not as strong and, as a result, they would rank lower.

With that out of the way, let’s get right into it!

1 – Best characters for Story Mode

Even if you enjoy different game modes, this is the main one. You simply need to advance in story mode, and there are many great units to help you do so. The rewards definitely make it worthwhile. You don’t have to have the units below in order to advance. But, when we are talking about the absolute best characters that can complete every mission and make your in-game life super easy, the ‘meta’ ones, these are the units included on the ASTD tier list below. Again, for your convenience, we’ve decided to group the characters based on their role. And so, there are Primary and Secondary damage heroes, and of course, Support.

Primary Damage Dealers
Eyezen Boy’s
Lightning Schooler
Airren (Final)
Perfect Insect
ZYZZ (Zeus)

Secondary Damage Dealers
Sky God
Buddha Chairman
Star Boy (Requiem)
Ruffy (Snake SSS)
Lex (RAGE)
Akasa (TS)
Anti Hero
Shirtless Devil
Koku (Supa)
Jenos (Overdrive)
God Of Lightning (Thor)
King Vegu (King Vegeta)
Semi Insect

Support Units
Bellma (Super Money Corp)
Black Stache (Timeskip)
Sword (Maid)

2 – Best characters for Infinite Mode

It’s one thing if you just want to enjoy the game casually. You don’t even ‘need’ the units below for that. That said, if you are someone who’s more competitive, and you are looking to climb the leaderboard on Infinite Mode, that’s a whole different story. For that, you need the absolute best units in the game. And, that’s exactly what we have here. These characters are considered to be the best in the current meta for this mode. There are ‘Damage’ units, and ‘Support’. Finding the right balance for your team is the key to success.

Damage Dealers
Red Eye Warrior Path
Flower Trainer
Akasa (TS)
Mafia Boss (Future)
Airren (Final)
Kura (Darkness)
Universe Justice #1
Sorcerer Evil
Baby Vegu III
Zorro (Serious)
Heart Tank
Support Units
Jeff (CEO)
Bellma (Super Money Corp)
Black Stache (Timeskip)
Ikki (Dark)
Mysterious X (Void)
Dr. Heart
Red Servant (Final)
Star Boy (Requiem)
The Patriot
ZIO (Ascended)

And that’s our All Star Tower Defense tier list! Tell us what you think in the comments below. Also note that our All-Star Tower Defense code list is always up-to-date with the latest codes. Make sure to redeem every possible code before they expire and claim free rewards!