Steam Deck snags ‘Best Gaming Hardware’ Golden Joystick award

Valve’s portable powerhouse might be the best gaming PC for on-the-go players, but it faced stuff handheld competition at last night’s Golden Joystick Awards. It also wasn’t the only portable gaming device to receive a nomination, as both the Analogue Pocket and Playdate earned a spot on the shortlist.

Speaking of which, here’s the full nominee list:PlaydateSteam DeckAnalogue PocketBackbone One: PlayStation EditionRoccat Kone XPWD Black SN850 (PS5 SSD)

During the event, Valve CEO Gabe Newall accepted the award “on behalf of the gaming community,” while claiming the Steam Deck wouldn’t be possible without its support.

Over on Twitter, Steam Deck enthusiasts are sharing their support for the handheld, with one fan stating that it’s a “gamechanger for PC gaming.” The community even managed to throw in a few RTX 4000 gags for good measure, including a few references to RTX 4080 pricing and melty RTX 4090 adapters.

It usually takes years for a platform to make an impact within the gaming scene. Yet, Valve has already built good foundations for the Steam Deck 2, especially when it comes to supported games. Sure, Valve’s debut device is far from perfect, and using the best Steam Deck dock isn’t quite as seamless as the Nintendo Switch, but it offers incredible portable performance at a nifty price.