Review: Fashion Police Squad (PS5) – Fun Boomer Shooter with Style to Boot

We often wonder if the minds behind the original DOOM knew what the game they were creating would lead to. It’s one of the most iconic games ever, but 30 years later we’re swapping out demons for a scarier threat… bad fashion sense. Fashion Police Squad takes the classic “boomer shooter” formula and splices it with a ton of personality to make an endearing new entry in the genre.

You assume the role of Sergeant Des of the Fashion Police Squad, an elite operation focused on tackling crimes such as socks with sandals, or drab, unappealing business suits. Over the four-hour campaign, you’ll be chasing down a lead to get to the bottom of the fashion crime wave that’s been plaguing the city. As you might expect, the game doesn’t take itself too seriously. All the references and visual gags are well-placed throughout the adventure without relying solely on that type of humour.

The gameplay follows the classic FPS formula seen in games like Wolfenstein 3D. You battle through 13 stages blasting at your enemies, while also looking out for pickups and secrets — represented by posters of Des in various garish outfits. However, specific enemy types can only be damaged by particular weapons. While this wouldn’t be as much of a problem on PC where you have hotkeys for fast switching, it’s a bit dodgy when it comes to a controller — although it works in theory as part of the fashion concept. It does, however, have interesting mechanics to utilise, such as the water gun’s slide mechanic and your trusty belt whip doubling as a highly satisfying grappling hook.

Fashion Police Squad is by no means perfect, but thanks to its strong personality and great ideas, it’s worth a blast for any fan of the retro FPS genre. We’re very excited to see what this team makes next.

  • A lot of personality
  • Satisfying mechanics
  • Packs a lot into a short campaign
  • Matching weapons to specific enemies
  • Slightly awkward controls
  • The odd screen tear

Good 7/10