Wild Hearts Confirms Free Post-Launch Content, No Microtransactions, Can Be Played Offline

Wild Hearts representatives just finished a Reddit AMA session, in which a bunch of potentially important features have been confirmed. The monster-slaying action RPG is out in just a couple of weeks — on the 17th February for PS5 — and it continues to sound like promising project.

For starters, the title’s post-launch content will be entirely free. Developer Omega Force plans on adding new creatures in what we assume will be similar updates to what Capcom’s been doing with its Monster Hunter games.

On top of that, publishers Koei Tecmo and EA (which still seems like an odd combination!) have insisted that Wild Hearts will have no microtransactions. And yes, you can play the whole game solo and offline if you want. The difficulty will adjust accordingly, apparently.

As for further gameplay details, two graphics settings have been outlined, with performance mode offering 60 frames-per-second at a (somewhat disappointing) 1080p, and 30fps at 4K.

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