Monday, Dec 11, 2023

Tunic: How to open Sealed Grey Doors (Patterned Doors).

You've likely noticed several sealed grey doors with a pattern on them as you explore the wonderful world of Tunic. As with most things in the game there are no instructions on how to open them. The good news is that your intuition, assuming it was true, can be proved correct and they can be opened to reveal the secrets inside. This is everything you need about opening Tunic sealed doors.

Opening Sealed Doors with Tunic Patterns

To open sealed doors, use the dpad (or the arrow keys on your keyboard to map the pattern on the door).

You won't find the clue to unlocking these doors until much later in the game unless you read page 43 of this instruction manual.

Below is an example to illustrate this.

To open the door shown in the above image, you will need to type the following into your dpad: Up, Right. Down. Left. Right. Up. Right. Down. Left. Up. Left. Right. Down. Left.

You might need to enter the pattern on both sides of the door at times. We have found that it is not always easy to know which side you should be entering. This was also a bit tricky for us, but it will open up if you keep trying different patterns.

This is all you need to open the grey doors of Tunic. You can find more information about the game by searching Twinfinite.

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