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The top platform games for PC in 2022

Steven Wright>Updated Aug 5, 2022>CelesteLooking to find the top platform games for PC? In the early '90s and early 2000s, console gamers had many..


Steven Wright >Updated Aug 5, 2022 >CelesteLooking to find the top platform games for PC? In the early '90s and early 2000s, console gamers had many platformers, but the PC was a solitary genre. This stigma has diminished since Commander Keen's days, and is largely due to the explosion indie games that have flooded digital platforms over the past decade. Our fair platform is now full of solid platform games.

Platform games are known for being difficult to master and require exceptional timing. However, developers continue to innovate by adding gameplay elements from puzzle games to the genre. With releases such as Celeste, Ori and Blind Forest, you can now even experience a beautiful story through a platform game. These are the top platform games that you can now play on your computer.

The best platform games

These are the best platforms:

LimboSuper Meat BoyCelesteHollow KnightCrash bandicoot N. Sane TrilogyKnytt(Series)VVVVVVA Head in TimeOri, the Will of the WispsSonic ManiaShovel Knight Treasure TrveAnother worldSpyro Reignited TrilogyCuphead


Playdead's monochrome, expressionist classic is one of the first examples of an indie game that you must play. Although Limbo is a puzzler that requires more common sense than pinpoint reflexes to solve, it still has plenty of tension jumping over desolate pits or whirling buzzsaws.

The stark black-onblack artwork makes an impression. Even though the horrors your child avatar falls for are still shock-inducing, the lack of details makes them even more shocking. It's only two to three hours long, making it one of the most difficult horror games. However, it will leave a lasting impression on you that is far more than those that rely on jump scares.

Super Meat Boy

Although Edmund McMillen is most well-known for his take on top-down Zelda, The Binding of Isaac (his roguelike version), it was Super Meat Boy that made him famous. Although Team Meat's remarkable effort was not the first platformer to be marketed on sheer difficulty alone, its irreverent tone of voice and gratuitous amount of content have made it one the most recognisable and well-known platform games.

You can only jump and grab to guide Meat Boy through screen after screen of devious and cruel obstacles to save his Bandage Girl. Super Meat Boy's unabashedly retro aesthetic and frequent homages of its 16-bit predecessors helped to define the first wave indie game. This influence is evident in several platform games on this list. It's unlikely that you will enjoy these pixel-perfect platformers. But if you haven’t tried to make it through its first world, you’re missing out.


Celeste is more than just a collection video game levels. It might be the best game on this list if it is viewed as a complete package. You'll find a variety of innovative platforming techniques in this game, including bubbles that will launch you into oblivion and clouds that will give you an extra boost if your jumps are just right. Each course offers a different level of detail that you can master.

Celeste is a unique game in its genre. It was built around Madeline, a player character who struggles with insecurity and mental illness to climb the mountain. It's one the most touching stories in the genre, even if it isn't set apart from the game's intricate levels. Although Celeste Mountain's level design approach is not for everyone, there are accessibility options to make it accessible for anyone. This is not only a fantastic platformer but also one of the most exciting games of 2018.

Hollow Knight

Hollow Knight, like its predecessors in the metroidvania genre adds so much action to its core hop and jump gameplay that it's easy to forget about including it in another list. It's a solid platformer with double-jumps and super-dashes, beneath the kinetic melee combat and a variety of difficult bosses.

Hollow Knight promotes an old-school mentality more than anything. Sometimes it can be frustrating. To obtain the maps of each area's twisty-turning locations, you must locate a nebbish cartographer. This encourages exploration and a sense that there is no end to your possibilities. You don't get a health bar for any enemies in the game. This makes it difficult to estimate how many times you have wounded a target.

There are many hidden treasures and mysterious figures waiting for you if you can handle these retro touches. Do not think this is an action-adventure title. To get the best ending, you will need to master an ivory world with gleaming platforms and buzzsaws.

A sequel is also in development, called Hollow Knight: Silksong. In this sequel, we will play as Hornet (a character from the original video game). We've already been promised 150 new enemies and acrobatic combat. On-the-fly healing is also possible. We're anxiously awaiting Hollow Knight: Silksong's release date.

Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy

Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy finally brings Crash Bandicoot to PC. It remasters all three original games, Cortex Strikes back, and Crash Bandicoot. The platform game series includes all the classic elements you would expect from a mid-1990s 3D platformer. You can defeat most enemies by using a basic spin attack or jumping on them. There are tons of hidden segments and collectables and there is no shortage of conveyor belt levels. A couple of new levels are included in the remastered trilogy, including a polished and finished version of a level that was previously unavailable from the original game as well as a brand-new level.

Crash deserves a spot on this list because of the nostalgic trip it offers to play these platforming icons again. However, if you didn't get to experience the adventures of the marsupial when you were younger there are many things to love about this series. Crash Bandicoot platformer is full of tricks that will keep you on your toes. Memorizing devious traps takes precedence over timing and skills. Some levels will have you spending hours trying to figure out how to jump and where the enemies are. Or wandering off-the-beaten path looking for more Wumpa Fruit. You'll be determined to overcome any obstacle you face, even if you lose your life.

Knytt (Series)

Although it's a lesser-known game on this list Nifflas, the one-man developer of Knytt, and their Knytt Series, harken back to an earlier era for PC gaming, when indie games were limited to Flash portals or freeware download sites. Knytt and its sequels (Knytt Story and Knytt Underground), require no special twitch reflexes. These are chill-out games with an impressive ambient soundtrack.

Although there are some minor obstacles in their worlds, Knytt Series focuses on pure exploration. There are many shortcuts and hidden paths throughout the space. Knytt Underground may be the most ambitious, but it is not as expensive as its predecessors. However, we think the original Knytt platformer is the best.

There are no levels or baddies here. You are a tiny creature that is trying to find ship parts for the return trip. Although it only takes a few hours, this is an unforgettable experience.


Terry Cavanagh has produced a lot of great games since the beginning of the indie boom, but his first game was bold enough not to use the jump button. Instead, you navigate the environment flipping from one gravity field into another, weaving your way through space debris and other hazards to reach the ceiling/floor. Since it came out almost a full year before Super Meat Boy, you might consider it the original devastatingly-difficult indie platformer, especially if you go for all of the Shiny Trinkets deviously hidden throughout each level.

Hat in Time

The PC 3D platforming community is not as well-off than the Nintendo Switch. While there have been some notable attempts in recent years A Hat in Time is still the best.

It's a game that shows off its influences. The game has a bright color palette and many movement options that remind you of the N64 era. Although the mechanics are not new, its charm makes it a worthy game. Your "Hat Girl", your brave character, is forced to appear in two movies directed by rival directors: an Elvis imitator as well as a wannabe DJ. A Hat in Time might not be the most courageous platformer to attempt to make a Murder on the Orient Express parody its second level.

It's a short game at around 12 hours. However, it packs a punch. Even down to the haunted toilet fight in Act 3.

Ori and The Will of the Wisps

Ori and the Will of the Wisps is the eagerly awaited sequel to the beloved Ori, the Blind Forest. It takes the stunning beauty and atmospheric weight of its predecessor to new heights. You can now use more combat abilities as Ori fights the forces of evil.

These games are more like a platformer than a metroidvania game. There is a lot of backtracking and many abilities that can be unlocked. Will of the Wisps has a lot less platforming than Blind Forest, and instead is more focused on boss battles. Ori and Blind Forest are a captivating musical score and an emotional story that will leave you awestruck long after the credits roll.

Sonic Mania

Although the original Sonic games are still iconic, they are a love-it or hate-it proposition. Sonic Mania is a blend of everything from the original trilogy. It's the best and most memorable game in the series, and certainly the best since the 1990s.

This greatest hits compilation of classic Sonic remixes was created by fans for fans. It includes some of the most popular levels as well as some new ones. Mania is more than any series reboot, and it knows how to satisfy your nostalgia while still keeping the same style and attitude that made the blue-embedded character culturally-integrated enough to last decades of mediocre games.

You'll remember the basics of each level in the first act. You have one of the greatest retro games ever.

Shovel Knight: Treasure Trove

Shovel Knight, a masterpiece of retro engineering, is designed to feel, look and sound like an 8-bit arcade game. It's not afraid of removing some of the NES-era design elements. The 'lives" are replaced with a Souls-esque system that allows you to retrieve your loot from the corpse. This is a throwback like the best throwbacks.

The Shovel Knight Treasure Trove contains the Plague of Shadows and Spector or Torment expansions. These expansions allow you to play as three of original game's bosses. Each expansion offers a complete game with new bosses and areas as well as backstories for some of the most iconic characters from Shovel Knight. Shovel Knight Showdown is a platform fighting game that can be played by up to four players.

Shovel Knight is a combination of many of the greatest heroes of that era. He can swing his shovel around like Link in Zelda, or pogo on it like Scrooge from DuckTales. The game is very enjoyable from stem-to-stern. But what makes it stand out? Its commitment to the 8 bit aesthetic. It pushes its environments to a point that a real NES would never be able to reach, but it is a loving letter to an era that has largely been supplanted in recent years.

It takes two

It Takes Two's charmingly quirky platforming challenges, and minigames require you to find a friend. This is not a co-op game, but it's similar to Hazelight Studios' A Way Out. You and your partner will play May and Cody as a married couple on the verge of ruin after you have teamed up online or locally.

Their daughter's sadness has made them doll-like versions of themselves. The pair must learn how to work together and explore their relationship to get back to normal. Each level, which is hilariously absurd, can be adapted for co-op gameplay and thoughtfully explores various obstacles in the couple’s marriage.

Not another World

It doesn't matter if you call it an adventure, puzzler or platformer. But Another World (or Out of This World, in the US) is the most prominent PC platformer of all time. While Prince of Persia may have been a multi-million-dollar franchise and Flashback had an even more coherent story, nothing can compare to the moment-to–moment novelty of Eric Chahi’s best work.

You are a scientist who has been accidentally transposed to an alien world. Your mission is to outwit and outgunning your alien counterparts. Although there are some issues with the game, such as the finicky platforming and glacial platforming that takes a while to get used to, Another World is a great platform game.

Spyro Reignited Trilogy

The Spyro Reignited Trilogy revamps all three Spyro games, bringing the beloved dragon to PC in a new polished look but with the same intricate levels and beloved characters.

The 3D platform game is part a platforming revival on PC as demonstrated by the launches of Snake Pass, Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy and Yooka Laylee. Sypro Reignited Trilogy, a nostalgic trip into the colorful and vibrant world of our fiery pal is offered by studios Iron Galaxy & Toys for Bob. Spyro has new challenges and tougher bosses but the same mix of minigames, tricky platforming, that kept us hooked for so long.


This platformer was inspired by 1930s cartoons such as Betty Boop and Looney Toons. The meticulously drawn visuals lead our heroes on a run-and-gun side-scrolling adventure through difficult levels and boss fights, all set to the brash beats and ragtime music.

You can play as Cuphead or Mugman as you progress through the game. If you're playing in co-op, that's player one. As you progress, you'll also gain new abilities and earn time bonuses as well as HP. Cuphead isn’t the best relaxing game, but it is a great platform game for PC.

These are the top platform games for PC. They range from story-driven adventures to combat-heavy meroidvanias to platformers that defy genre norms. You can also check out our list of the top PC games right now, or our list with the best free online games. It includes a few fantastic platforming games. There's plenty of jumping and running here to satisfy your cravings.