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The best Modern Warfare 2 marksman rifles

Danielle Rose >Published: Nov 3, 2022 07:05 ET >Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2The modern Warfare 2 marksman rifles offer a superior ranged option to sniper rifles. However, they are also very different in many ways. This gives you a completely new experience when taking out the enemy team from far. Although you won't have the same range as the best sniper rifles, they will offer a much better fire rate and handling which makes them perfect for smaller multiplayer 6v6 maps.

Marksman rifles are some of the best Modern Warfare 2 guns in terms of range, handling, fire rate and fire rate. The best attachment loadouts will help them improve their damage, range and accuracy. This will make these long-range guns more reliable in the FPS games. You can create the perfect weapon loadout by using a marksman rifle with a shorter-range weapon such as a Modern Warfare 2 SMG or shotgun. This will allow you to be prepared for any multiplayer game mode.

Modern Warfare 2's best marksman rifles

These are the top marksman rifles available in Modern Warfare 2

SP-R 208SA-B 50Lockwood MK2TAQ-MEBR-14LM-S

SP-R 208

As the best marksman rifle, the SP-R is definitely at the top. Although it may not be the most user-friendly rifle on the list, the SP-R will still perform admirably once you are at your post and your eyes on the opposing base. To make the most of the gun's incredible damage and range, you should use the best Warzone SP 208 loadout.

SA-B 50

The SA-B is a great alternative to the SP-R208. It has similar stats as the marksman rifle but with less recoil control and better handling. To make the most out of your ranged gun, load it with the best SAB loadout to maximise its damage and range.

Lockwood MK2

The Lockwood MK2 was the best marksman rifle during the beta before the SA-B and SP-R were introduced. It is still a top-rated weapon. The SP-R, SA-B, and SA-B are bolt-action guns. However, the Lockwood is a lever-action rifle that will appeal to the old-school gun-lovers. It improves mobility and handling. The Lockwood does the same amount of base damage as the SP-R but has a higher fire rate and greater recoil control. It's a great Marksman rifle for those who are new to this weapon type.


Another solid option for a marksman rifle is the TAQ-M. It can be used in multiplayer 6v6 matches or on larger battlefield maps. The semi-automatic TAQM-M has a 10-round clip and the fastest fire rate of all marksman rifles. This will provide a completely different experience than the previous models. You'll be able fire more shots in a shorter time.


The EBR, like the TAQ, is a great marksman rifle for those who want to balance fire rate, damage, and accuracy. Although the EBR is slightly less mobile than the TAQ, it can still move around the map faster and reach vantage points with greater ease.


The LM-S is the last marksman rifle on the list. It's a semi-automatic rifle that can compete with the TAQ-M or the EBR-14. You'll have some margin for error as you are looking at a higher fire rate than other ranged weapons. To improve mobility and damage, you can equip this rifle with the best LM–S loadout. You'll be able to take down distant enemies while keeping your distance.

You will need Overkill to equip your favorite marksman rifle with a shotgun, or SMG. This is one of the most valuable Modern Warfare 2 perks that allows you to equip another primary weapon. Don't forget to equip your set with the best killstreaks and you will be ready to face any challengers.