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Slay the Spire tier list of best cards

Last updated: August 16, 2022. Re-checked the Tier List Rogue-type and card game mechanics create a natural partnership. The roguelike Slay the Spire ..


Last updated: August 16, 2022. Re-checked the Tier List

Rogue-type and card game mechanics create a natural partnership. The roguelike Slay the Spire is an example of this synergy. You must climb up a spire to defeat the boss enemy. Although you will only be able to climb with one character, there are four other options. There are four: the Ironclad (the Silent), the Defect, and The Watcher. Although each one is unique in their stats and behavior, they all use cards to fight or perform different actions. While you'll have some basic cards to start with, you can get more through battles, events and treasure chests.

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Each character has a different set of cards, which is why they have different cards. Each character is suited to their abilities and stats, giving them their own strategies. You can use character cards to deal damage, apply buffs, increase their stats or boost their cards. Cards cost energy to make and you will need to end your turn if you lose. They are not all unique, but you can still use them with special Colorless cards.

These are the Slay the Spire Tier Lists. They list the top cards for each character, for Colorless, and the top three choices. They are arranged by most common to least.

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1 Best Cards for Ironclad

The Ironclad character is a warrior-type character that deals damage and boosts strength. He starts with the highest HP at 80 and comes with the Burning Blood Relic, which allows him to recover six HP at the end of a battle.>Card NameEnergy CostCard TypeRarityEffect DetailsAnger0AttackCommonDeal 6 damage. Add a copy of this card into your discard pile.Feed1AttackRareDeal 10 damage. Gain 3 permanent HP if this card kills an enemy. Exhaust..Immolate2SkillRareDeal 21 damage to ALL enemies. Shuffle a Burn into your discard pile.Armaments1SkillCommonGain 5 Block. Upgrade a card in your hand for the rest of combat.Iron Wave1AttackCommonGain 5 Block. Deal 5 damage.Thunderclap1AttackCommonDeal 4 damage and apply 1 Vulnerable to ALL enemies.Flame Barrier2SkillUncommonGain 12 Block. Whenever you are attacked this turn, deal 4 damage back.Inflame1PowerUncommonGain 2 Strength.Rage0SkillUncommonWhenever you play an Attack this turn, gain 3 Block.Demon Form3PowerRareAt the start of your turn, gain 2 Strength.Juggernaut2PowerRareWhenever you gain Block, deal 5 damage to a random enemy.Double Tap1SkillRareThis turn, your next Attack is played twice.

Because it grants you a free attack, anger is a useful card. You can upgrade it to do more damage, and you can boost your attack with buffs or debuffs. You can also make a duplicate so that you can draw it again for future attacks.> Flame Barrier, a powerful defensive card. It is cost-effective and adds a significant defense increase as well as counterattack. You can upgrade it to make it more efficient and do higher damage. The longer you fight, the more your boosted damage will pay off.

2 Best Cards for Silent

Silent is a hunter-type character that focuses on multiple strikes and poisoning targets. She only starts with 70 HP but has the Ring of the Snake Relic, which allows you to draw two extra cards when you enter battle.>Card NameEnergy CostCard TypeRarityEffect DetailsBane1AttackCommonDeal 7 damage. If the enemy has Poison, deal 7 damage again.Dagger Spray1AttackCommonDeal 4 damage to ALL enemies twice.Deadly Poison1SkillCommonApply 5 Poison.Flying Knee1AttackCommonDeal 8 damage. Next turn, gain 1 Energy.All-Out Attack1AttackUncommonDeal 10 damage to ALL enemies. Discard 1 card at random.Choke2AttackUncommonDeal 12 damage. Whenever you play a card this turn, the enemy loses 3 HP.Noxious Fumes1PowerUncommonAt the start of your turn, apply 2 Poison to ALL enemies.Phantasmal Killer1SkillRareNext turn, your attacks deal double damage.Grand Finale0AttackRareCan only be played if there are no cards in your draw pile. Deal 50 damage to ALL enemies.Envenom2PowerRareWhenever an Attack deals unblocked damage, apply 1 poison.

The Deadly Poison method is easy to use and very effective. It is cheap and instantly deals recurring damage to the enemy you choose. You can upgrade it to add more stacks, and it is very useful for taking down protected enemies.> Choke deals heavy damage. This card can deal repeated damage to elite enemies or boss enemies. This card can be used to start your turn and increase damage sources. This card is the most powerful in the game and can be used to eliminate enemies or injure bosses and elites.

Three Best Cards for the Defect

The Defect is a mage-like creature that focuses on harnessing elements and setting off attacks. It starts out with 75 HP and has the Cracked Core Relic which Channels one Lightning when you enter battle.>Card NameEnergy CostCard TypeRarityEffect DetailsCharge Battery1SkillCommonGain 7 Block. Next turn, gain 1 Energy.Rebound1AttackCommonDeal 9 damage. Put the next card you play this turn on top of your draw pile.Streamline2AttackCommonDeal 15 damage. Reduce this card's cost by 1 this combat.Sweeping Beam1AttackCommonDeal 6 damage to ALL enemies. Draw 1 card.Doom and Gloom2AttackUncommonDeal 10 damage to all enemies. Channel 1 Dark.Equilibrium2SkillUncommonGain 13 Block. Retain your hand this turn.Melter1AttackUncommonRemove all Block from an enemy. All for One2AttackRareDeal 0 damage. Put all cost 0 cards from your discard pile into your hand.Echo Form3PowerRareEthereal. The first card you play each turn is played twice.Electrodynamics2PowerRareLightning now hits ALL enemies. Channel 2 Lightning.

This card is called Charge Battery. It provides protection that will allow you to plan for the future and allows you to place things in order. You can upgrade it to make it even more powerful. Equilibrium can be used to protect your hand and keep it strong. It makes each turn's first play twice as efficient.

Four Best Cards for the Watcher

The Watcher is a character that resembles a martial artist and focuses on fluid combat and stances. She starts out with 72 HP and the Pure Water Relic, which adds a Miracle card to your hand when you enter battle.>Card NameEnergy CostCard TypeRarityEffect DetailsBowling Bash1AttackCommonDeal 7 damage for each enemy in combat.Cut through Fate1AttackCommonDeal 7 damage. Scry 2. Draw 1 card.Follow-Up1AttackCommonDeal 7 damage. If the last card played this combat was an Attack, gain 1 Energy.Pressure Points1SkillCommonApply 8 Mark. ALL enemies lose HP equal to their Mark.Battle Hymn1PowerUncommonAt the start of each turn add a Smite into your hand.Conclude1AttackUncommonDeal 12 damage to ALL enemies. End your turn.Swivel2SkillUncommonGain 8 Block. The next Attack you play costs 0.Blasphemy1SkillRareEnter Divinity. Die next turn. Exhaust.Deva Form3PowerRareEthereal. At the start of your turn, gain 1 Energy and increase this gain by 1.Judgment1SkillRareIf the enemy has 30 or less HP, set their HP to 0.

Pressure Points is a powerful and interesting type of debuff. It acts in a similar way to Poison but ignores blocking and adds directly to targets. To maximize the effect of this card, you should keep it in play and upgrade as often as possible.> Conclude is an excellent attack card that you should have in your deck. To negate its negative side and do good damage, it should be played last when it appears in your deck. It's worth upgrading because it's so cheap. This move is intended to be used as a last resort, but it's great for bosses if you have low armor and health.

5 Top Colorless Cards

These cards can be used by any character in many different ways. They're the only type that can't be gained at the end of battles and instead have to be found, bought, or added to your deck through the use of other cards.>Card NameEnergy CostCard TypeRarityEffect DetailsEnlightenment0SkillUncommonReduce the cost of all cards in your hand to 1 this turn.Impatience0SkillUncommonIf you have no Attacks in your hand, draw 2 cards.Trip0SkillUncommonApply 2 VulnerablePanacea0SkillUncommonGain 1 Artifact. Exhaust.Mayhem2PowerRareAt the start of your turn, play the top card of your draw pile.Hand of Greed2AttackRareDeal 20 damage. If Fatal, gain 20 Gold.Panache0PowerRareEvery time you play 5 cards in a single turn, deal 10 damage to ALL enemies.Sadistic Nature0PowerRareWhenever you apply a debuff to an enemy, they take 5 damage.The Bomb2SkillRareAt the end of 3 turns, deal 40 damage to ALL enemies.Apotheosis2SkillRareUpgrade ALL your cards for the rest of combat. Exhaust.

Enlightenment can be a handy card. It will keep your energy costs down until you find the right Relics and cards. It's free and can be used whenever you want. Because they don't block, it is easy to stack debuffs against enemies. This card is quite powerful once you have it set up. It immediately buffs all your cards and removes itself from rotation to make room.

We are now closing the Slay the Spire Tier List. We will keep you updated with new cards as soon as a rebalance patch becomes available.

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