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Minecraft: How to Change Villager Jobs and Professions

Minecraft's world is the best. It has many things that players can discover, interact with and have their own fun with. Villagers can be found in..


Minecraft's world is the best. It has many things that players can discover, interact with and have their own fun with. Villagers can be found in Minecraft. Their various jobs can make it easy to trade. How to make a villager job in Minecraft

Check out What Job Villagers Have

You'll need to find out what villager does. Not all villagers will have a career. Some may be unemployed or just plain nitwits.

If they are neither of these, you can tell by their clothes what job they have, and the job block in which they are working. Farmer Villagers, for example, wear straw hats.

Below are all the villager jobs. We have provided the job block that they will use for you to quickly figure them out. You should also note that the title of villager is displayed at the top right of the trading interface.

Armorer – Blast FurnaceButcher and SmokerCartographer TableCleric Brewing StandFarmer-ComposterFisherman- BarrelFletcher- Fletching TableLeatherworker- CauldronLibrarian LecternStone Mason (Bedrock edition only)/ Mason (Java edition Only) / StonecutterNitwit- Stonecuttersmith / Smithing TableUnemployed

How to Change Villager Jobs In Minecraft

You can change the occupation of a villager by simply destroying their job site block. You would, for example, destroy the Composter block if you wanted to change the job of a Farmer villager.

Minecraft can't change the professions of Nitwits, so save your time and just move on.

Remember that villagers will get very angry if you break their job block.

If another block of jobs is available and located within 48 blocks of the villager's boundaries, the children will eventually look for a job and find the block. This will allow them to automatically switch villager jobs in Minecraft.

If you wish to make your farmer an Armorer, place a Blast Furnace next to them. After a while, they will become an Armorer.

If you don't have any trades with Villagers, they may be able to change your job at random. It doesn't seem to be true, and it's faster to use the 'block’ method above instead.

Trade with Villagers and Professions

Trade with villager can help players rank up in the game. Trading with villagers will give you access to more of their items. Trading with Emeralds is a part of every trade. If a Villager has different items to offer, you will need Emeralds in order to trade with them. They will trade their Emeralds for any items listed in the 'trade option' for the particular villager if they have them.

It is up to the villager to trade emeralds or items for emeralds.

Different items can be traded between different professions of Minecraft villager. The only thing that is not available to trade are the items of Nitwit and unemployed villagers. Place one of these job blocks near unemployed villages to trade with them. Below is a complete list of all items that can be traded with Minecraft villager villagers.

This is all you need to know to change your villager job in Minecraft. You can search Twinfinite for more information and tips on the game. Or, you can check out our guides below.

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