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Genshin Impact Team Tighnari - The best team comp

Gina Lees>Published Aug 3, 2022>Genshin ImpactWhat is the best Genshin Impact team comp for Tighnari? There are many options for the best Tighnari..


Gina Lees >Published Aug 3, 2022 >Genshin ImpactWhat is the best Genshin Impact team comp for Tighnari? There are many options for the best Tighnari team, so if your goal is to get the Genshin Impact character on next Genshin Impact banner then here are your options.

Tighnari, a Dendro bow-user of five stars, will hopefully be available in Sumeru in the upcoming Genshin Impact 3.0 update. Based on Tighnari's abilities, we have created a Genshin Impact Tighnari-based build. Tighnari appears to have essential Dendro skills. These are crucial to Tighnari maximizing his elemental burst on the battlefield and elemental reactions.

Genshin Impact Tighnari's best team comp is:

TighnariYae MikoBarbara/BennettDendro Traveler/Collei

The reaction chart from our Genshin Impact Dendro Guide shows that Electro is the best combination for dealing raw damage. Hyperbloom, which is Dendro-packed and targets enemies closest to it, creates the Catalyze reaction that debuffs enemies. We chose Yae Miko to be our sub-DPS Electro character. Aggravate increases Electro and Dendro's DPS.

We've chosen Collei next as our support, but Dendro Traveler could be used in her place. Collei is still not available, but we have been able to announce her alongside Tighnari.

We need a shield or healer. We've selected Barbara. However, you could swap in Bennett depending upon which characters you have. Tighnari is a good choice for many characters because of his elemental reaction build, and the elemental mastery buffs that other characters offer.

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It's too early to speculate on the best Genshin Impact Tighnari group composition. However, you can find everything we know about the Sumeru region and where Tighnari, as well as other team members, are placed on our Genshin Impact Tier list ranking all the most and least-loved characters.

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