Brawl Stars Edgar guide, builds and skins

Even though many players significantly underestimate Epic brawlers, 60% of Epic characters take leading positions in S and A tiers. Edgar was considered a Tier S brawler from the first days of release. Since this time, the developers have rebalanced Edgar a few times, but he is still very powerful.

Read this guide, and you will learn everything you should know about Edgar in Brawl Stars. It includes Edgar’s builds, skins, star powers, and other important stuff need to know to use this Epic brawler effectively.

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After the developers deleted Boxes from the game, there are only two ways left to unlock new Brawlers. The easiest way is to buy Edgar with gems. All you have to do is open the star road menu and select Edgar. He costs 169 gems or $12 if converted to real money.

If you don’t want to spend real money, there is an alternative option, you can buy Edgar for 925 credits. With this method, it will likely take around two months to unlock the brawler.


Edgar is an epic brawler that was released three years ago during BrawliDays 2020. From December 19th to January 7th that year, every player who logged into the game had the chance to get Edgar for free.

Edgar boasts burst damage and maybe the best mobility stats in the game. His super attack – Vault – allows him to jump over any obstacle and get a temporary speed boost.

Combine all of these abilities with the ability to heal 35% of the damage you deal, and you have an overpowered hero who can beat almost any Brawler in one-on-onePvP. Once Supercell noticed this, they patched Edgar. Although this Brawler has moved to Tier B after being tweaked, he remains a very potent character in Brawl Stars. If you are interested in Edgar’s stats, check the table below:

PowerStats 1 Health Points: 2800

Attack: 540 damage per punch 7 Health Points: 3640

Attack: 702 damage per punch 11 Health Points: 4200

Attack: 810 damage per punch


As with all characters, Edgar’s builds consist of Star Power, Gear, and a Gadget. Which you choose significantly depends on the game mode you find yourself in. So, you should spend a lot of coins if you want to use Edgar effectively.

Knockout and Showdown Build

Gadget: Let’s FlyStar Power: Hard LandingGear: Super Charge – Epic Gear, Shield – Super Rare Gear

In Showdown and Knockout, your main goal is to charge your Super Attack as quickly as possible. It allows you to land on your opponent and kill them in seconds. And, by combining Edgar with Bo, you can charge the Super Attack even faster and kill enemies more effectively.

Team Modes Build

Gadget: HardcoreStar Power: FisticuffsGear: Damage – Super Rare Gear, Shield – Super Rare Gear

When playing with a team, the most crucial stat is survivability. This is one of the main reasons why you should choose Hardcore Gadget instead of Let’s Fly. It gives you a powerful shield with 2,000 hit points. This HP boost is crucial for surviving against Shelly, El Primo, and other tanks. You also should use Fisticuffs to restore 60% of health points when attacking other brawlers. LL EDGAR SKINS IN BRAWL STARS This brawler has six unique skins. They can be purchased for either Gems or Coins. If you are interested in getting any, continue reading the guide to learn about all the Edgar skins in Brawl Stars.


Quickdraw is the first skin available for Edgar. It costs 79 Gems, but you can buy it for as little as 49 Gems during special offers. Quickdraw was one of the most anticipated skins in the game. Even though it looks worse than other Edgar skins, in my opinion, it is the most popular Edgar skin.


Orochi Edgar is a skin likely inspired by Naruto. It costs 149 Gems but rarely appears in the store. That’s the main reason Orochi Edgar is one of the rarest skins for Edgar.


For my money, Doctor Edgar is the most exciting Edgar skin in Brawl Stars as of January 2023. Less than a year ago, it was added to the game for 149 Gems. Like with Orochi Edgar, Doctor Edgar is one of the rarest skins you can purchase for the character.

Edgar Tata

Edgar Tata is the newest skin for Edgar. Like its two predecessors, Edgar Tata rarely appears for sale. The skin costs 149 Gems, and it is rarely discounted.

True Silver

True Silver is a classic silver skin for Edgar. It costs 10,000 coins and there have not been any discounts.

True Gold

True Gold is a classic golden skin for Edgar. It costs 25,000 coins and there have not been any discounts.



This is so lame.
Huh, can’t believe I have to do this.
Yolo! Wooh!
Uh, back on the grind.
Pssh, I could do this if I wanted to.
You can’t make me!

In The Lead

Don’t look at me!
CEO of Brawl Stars.
I low-key wanna win this game.
Great. Now everyone hates me.

Receiving Damage

Leave me alone!
Get away from me!
Don’t touch the scarf!
Ew! Don’t be salty.
Big yikes!
I’m lagging!

Defeating Enemy

So awesome.
Wow, hardcore.


This is so unfair! What? No way!
So much tryharding.
Wow, you are so awesome.
So lame.
I’m shook.

That’s it Brawl Stars’ Edgar. Even though in 2023 Edgar is only Tier B, he is one of the most popular brawlers in the game. Never underestimate Edgar since he has his super attack and can kill you in a second.