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Best Modern Warfare 2 SA-B 50 loadout

Gina Lees >Published: Nov 3, 2022 05:58 ET >Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2.Looking for the best SA-50 50 loadout in MW2 We can't rely on the Kar98k as our best sniper, so we have to turn to Modern Warfare 2 guns. If you are missing the Kar98k, the SA-B-50 is a great alternative. Here's how to make the most of its loadout.

In the early days of MW2 multiplayer, snipers were a popular choice. It's not surprising that guns such as the SA-B50 50 can be made for speed and damage. These attachments increase the ADS, reload speed and mobility. This sniper can be unlocked by upgrading the SP-R208 to level 13. The right setup can allow you to quickscoping and increase movement speed.

Best MW2 SA-B 50 loadout

This is the best SA-50 50 loadout in Modern Warfare 2

Laser: FSS OLE–V LaserBolt : FSS ST87 BoltBarrel : 18.5'’ Bryson LR FactoryOptic : Forge Tac Delta4Magazine : 5 Round Mag

This build is not suitable for those who enjoy camping out with a sniper and are protected by their team. The SA-B50 50 was designed with speed and agility in mind. This nimble gun increases the ADS speed while increasing stability. The 5 Round Mag has been added to speed up reloading and the ST87 Bolt increases the rate of fire.

We've chosen the Forge Tac Delta 4 optical and the Bryson-LR Factory barrel for 5x5 magnification to increase the sniper’s damage range, speed, and accuracy. This combination of attachments can be used to take down enemies at medium distance. However, you might want to add the Overkill Modern Warfare 2 perk so you have an SMG for close-range encounters.

This is our best SA-50 50 loadout in the MW2. There are many more builds available, including the best LAB 330 loadout and Vaznev-9K loadouts, as well as the best Kastov 762 loadsout. Changes are expected when Warzone 2 is released. Please check back later for new loadouts.