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All bishop attacks patterns and rewards: Cult of the Lamb bosses

Nat Smith >Published Aug 12, 2022 >Cult of the LambNeed help to defeat any of the Cult of the Lamb leaders? The game wouldn't be complete without some tough challenges. The bishops who control the areas of The Lands of the Old Faith don't disappoint. Four apostles guard each bishop, and they must be defeated before you gain access to the boss room. They are useful in preparing for the boss because they have limited attack patterns and can be taken from the bishop they guard.

It is very easy to defeat a Cult boss of the Lamb: just deal damage until their health bar is empty. This is not an easy task. Your ability to deal damage depends on the weapon you choose from the Cult of the Lamb. Regardless of what build you have, this guide will help you defeat every Cult boss.

Leshy (Darkwood)

Leshy is the Cult of the Lamb's first boss, but don’t underestimate her. This huge spiked worm burrows in the ground and pops up to summon regular-sized worms. Avoid the spike trail she leaves behind when she is on the move. Leshy will often send out spikes when she roars. You'll need to dodge them to avoid any damage.

Sometimes, Leshy may also jump up into the air between attacks. Avoid the flashing reticle, which will chase you across the floor. This will avoid the damage to the area-of-effect (AoE), she does with her ground slam. After you have reduced Leshy's health to the last third of its value, you should be cautious when approaching her to inflict damage. After performing an attack, she will smash her face three times.

Heket (Anura)

Heket, the second boss of Cultof the Lamb, is more difficult than Leshy because she has a lot to do and a chaotic battlefield. Heket, true to her amphibian roots hops around randomly and sends out small shockwaves that deal AoE damage to anyone caught within its perimeter.

Heket will release a stream of homing insects from her mouth throughout the fight. These flies can cause damage to you if they get in your way. These flies will disappear in a few seconds so be careful and resist the temptation to get involved. Heket can also vomit bombs into air. These will either drop randomly or directly at you. To avoid them landing, you can use the flashing reticles to the floor.

If you don't pay attention, one attack will be sure to get you in trouble. If she stops her attacks to close her eyes, be ready to dodge. The moment she opens her eyes, she will attempt to hit your tongue with her tongue. This attack is extremely fast and comes with an AoE shockwave so make sure you stand clear.

Heket will leap out of the area once her health is at half. Two smaller, faster versions of herself will follow. They can be dealt damage, but it won't affect Hekets health bar. You will have to defeat them both to reduce her remaining health.

Kallamar (Anchordeep)

Kallamar, the Cult of the Lamb boss, is the right man for you if you love bullet hell. There are many bombs and spiders to be wary of in this fight. But the real challenge lies in avoiding the energy shots that Kallamar uses in a variety attack patterns. They will often stream outwards from Kallamar in circular fashion, sometimes randomly, sometimes in a specific pattern. Be aware of the energy rings, which can be hurled at you at high speed, and the cone-shaped barrage that tracks your position. To avoid all these possibilities, keep your distance and dodge, dodge dodge.

This is not the end of the Cult Of The Lamb boss fight. Kallamar may occasionally attempt to swing her sword at you, but this is easily telegraphed once she has it up. Avoiding the above mentioned bombs and spiders is your biggest challenge. Keep their numbers low by moving the bombs towards them. Be careful not to get in the way of an AoE blast.

Shamura (Silk Cradle).

Cult of Lamb boss Shamura is a danger to all Arachnophobes. Shamura is a fast and dangerous fighter. It's easy for people to get distracted by the damage she does as she jumps around the battlefield. Shamura prefers to attack you by swinging at you with her razor-sharp frontlegs. Be prepared to dodge her split-second pause to rearrange her hind legs. Don't be surprised if Shamura appears to have escaped the battlefield. You'll see her return seconds later. Time your dodge to make sure you are out of harm's way when she lands.

Projectiles are a Cult of the Lamb boss favorite, and Shamura likes to unleash a torrent of bombs in every direction. Avoid flashing reticles that land on the ground, as you did with previous boss encounters. You'll be fine. A ring of energy bullets will spread from her position after she completes a leap later in the fight. Keep your distance to avoid getting caught in their path. Only attack Shamura if she is engrossed in her swipe animation. You can then chip away at her health relative safety.

Rewards for the Cult of the Lamb boss

After beating any Cult of the Lamb boss, make sure you immediately grab the Heart of a Heretic which spawns above their corpse. You can use your heart to boost the power of the red crown by using the 'Crown Offering" menu at your temple.

Cult bosses of the Lamb who are possessed by heretical thoughts unlock the following crown capabilities:

Resurrection: If you are killed during a crusade, sacrifice a follower in order to be resurrected. Omnipresence: Focus while on crusades to instantly return to your base. Darkness within: At the start of every crusade, you will receive a diseased heart.

You will be rewarded with a blueprint of the trophy you created by defeating any major Cult of the Lamb boss. This trophy can be displayed in your base after you have collected the materials. While trophies do not provide statistical benefits to your cult but they look great.

A gold chest with a variety of rewards will eventually spawn. It contains blueprints, gold, followers forms, blueprints and Commandment Stone fragments. Notably, any subsequent wins over Cult of the Lamb bosses you have defeated previously will not award you a golden chest. You'll most likely return to previous regions to find materials such as lumber or stone. Chest rewards are essential for expanding your base and declaring Cult of the Lamb doctrines.

This is all we have so far for our Cult of the Lamb bosses guides, except the bishops. For some useful combat tips, our Cult of the Lamb beginners' guide may be of assistance if you still have trouble. You'll find that your followers will have gained a lot of devotion to you while you were busy tormenting bosses. Take a look at our guide on Cult of the Lamb Divine Inspiration for all the best building upgrades to your cult.

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