Brawl Stars Edgar guide, builds and skins

Even though many players significantly underestimate Epic brawlers, 60% of Epic characters take leading positions in S and A tiers. Edgar was considered a Tier S brawler from the first days of release. Since this time, the developers have rebalanced Edgar a few times, but he is still very powerful. Read this guide, and you … Read more

Brave Nine coupon codes (February 2023)

Do you want to claim the latest Brave Nine coupon codes? Then look no further, because we’ve got an updated list of codes you can claim right now for a lot of useful rewards that will help you get stronger. In the beautiful world of Brave Nine, players can summon powerful mercenaries to lend them … Read more

Rainbow Six Mobile tier list – All operators ranked

Rainbow Six Mobile’s beta has arrived on Android, and we have been playing it for two weeks now. Ubisoft has done a fantastic job bringing the Rainbow Six experience to mobile. If you have also recently downloaded the game and want to know which are the best operators, you have come to the right place. Rainbow … Read more

Who is Titania in SheHulk? Answered

Five episodes have been aired of the She-Hulk TV show, but there has not yet been a clearly defined antagonist or villain. Titania is the closest character to that role. Here’s the information you need to find out about Titania in She-Hulk. Titania’s role in She-Hulk The Disney+ show presents Titania as a fashion icon and … Read more