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Review: F122 (PS5) - A Solid Sim Racer with Room for Improvement

F1 22 is in some ways a completely new game than its predecessor. However, that's not surprising. Codemasters was challenged to reflect all the..


F1 22 is in some ways a completely new game than its predecessor. However, that's not surprising. Codemasters was challenged to reflect all the changes in regulations and a modified car model in this season's F1 22 racing sim. It's done an excellent job and provided fans with another thrilling F1 experience.

The first impressions are positive. You can see that the budget has increased a bit thanks to EA. With slick presentation, which now includes licensed music throughout menus, the budget is evident. This can be disabled if desired, but it gives the off-track game an extra flavor, which is very appreciated. F1 Life is also available as a new feature. This hub is flashy and gives your home menu more style. You can also personalize it to suit you. You can customize the appearance of your home by dressing your driver in racewear or casual wear, as well as unlocking and displaying supercars.

Although it's a good idea, it feels a little lacking. There are very few customization options. You can visit F1 Life areas of other players, but they will all look the same. Our hub was not something we were attached to; we used it only to unlock our supercars. You'll receive tokens as you play the game. These tokens can then be used to purchase your supercar of choice. These tokens can be displayed and taken on track in time trials or Pirelli Hot Laps. We'll get to that in a moment.

These supercars are quite the novelty to drive around F1 circuits. These open-wheel monsters have a handling model that is unique to these supercars. Road-legal vehicles are therefore very different. They offer a refreshing change from the F1 racing pace and are particularly welcome in career mode.

My Team and Driver Career are back, and they're just as detailed as you would expect. The career modes let you explore the details, whether you are replacing a real driver and joining an established constructor or joining your own team. You can access all 22 rounds. However, you can also learn about upgrading your car, hiring a second driver, budget management, and more.

Pirelli Hot Laps will be available at specific times during a season. This allows you to take to the track with a supercar and tackle a challenge. There are many objectives you can master. These include racing another driver, achieving the fastest average speed in a particular sector, or passing through gates at the fastest time.

F1 22's flexibility is perhaps the best thing. You can have whatever experience you desire from F1 22. Although you cannot turn it into Mario Kart or anything, the vast array of options available allows for newer F1 fans to have a great time. You can either shorten the race weekend to one-shot qualifying or run a five-lap race. Or you can go all out. Participation in safety car incidents and pit stops is possible. You can also have them broadcast live so you can focus on the action. It is incredibly easy to use. It's a shame that there is no story mode. However, it's a great starting point.

F1 cars handle differently than 2021. The cars are more heavy and more susceptible to understeering due to their chunkier wheels, modified wings and altered body design. We find it slower to navigate a circuit, especially on more technical tracks such as Monaco or Azerbaijan, than in the previous game. This is because we feel more like we are wrestling for control. F1 22 is still intense and fast, but it's rewarding when the thread is just right.

The game looks great on the track with excellent car models and detailed track details. The visuals begin to falter when you aren't behind the wheel. The visuals start to deteriorate when human NPCs are not present. Sequences such as the podium scene and the opening shots of a circuit can be prone screen tearing and have a reduced framerate. This is quite noticeable after driving at 60 frames per second. We had to deal with a few game crashes and noticed some unusual visual glitches. However, this was before any day-one patches. The game can sometimes feel a little sloppy. While the main focus is on the racing and cars, it can feel as though the rest of the game isn’t being given the same attention.


F1 22 is a high-quality simulation of motorsport with excellent handling and engaging career modes. Although the presentation is excellent and the game sounds and looks great, there are some issues with the character models and F1 Life. We also encountered more bugs than we expected, but we expect that patches will fix those in the future. Although it's already doing well, some polish would make it stand out.

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