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Review: Blossom Tales II - The Minotaur Prince

Second verse is the same as the original Blossom Tales The Sleeping King was one early success story of the Switch that demonstrated how important..


Second verse is the same as the original

Blossom Tales The Sleeping King was one early success story of the Switch that demonstrated how important the system would prove to be for independent developers. The game was largely ignored by PC gamers, but it dropped to the Switch eShop on December 2017. It sold more copies in one day than the nine months it had been on Steam. The small indie studio was saved by this move, and Castle Pixel, five years later, is bringing back players to the worlds of Lily, Chrys and Grandpa through Blossom Tales II, The Minotaur Prince.

Blossom Tales II - The Minotaur Prince (PC and Nintendo Switch [reviewed]). Developer: Castle Pixel Publisher : Playtonic Friends Publication: August 16, 2022 MSRP $14.99

After a heated argument about a stick, siblings Lily and Chrys are now ready for story time. Their grandfather, who is always patient, sits them down for another tale full of dangers and delights. The first Blossom Tales featured Lily as the hero, and Lily was the heroine. She's back in the middle of the adventure, with Chrys accompanying her. The story of the Minotaur Prince begins with a race for glory. An angry Lily summons up the legendary Minotaur King to rescue Chrys. Lily must face multiple dungeons and angry pirates in order to save her brother.

You don't need to know much about the Blossom Tales series. Just picture The Legend of Zelda, A Link to the Past to get you started. Hero Lily will travel across the largely mundane land collecting heart pieces, and completing side quests. Her adventure will be centered around the well-designed dungeons that she will fight her way through. These are largely a step up from its predecessor with good enemy variety, light-but-never-taxing puzzles, and impressive sub-boss and boss battles.

The soundtrack is also a significant improvement over the original game. Composer Visager understood the task and composed a beautiful suite to accompany Lily's quest.

There have been some changes to the gameplay of this game compared to The Sleeping King. Hero Lily is less slippery, but slower. Although Hero Lily's roll-dash may compensate for her slow speed, it is also tied to an energy meter, which quickly runs out in the morning. Potion crafting is also new, and you will need to try it a few times since you can't buy health potions from the wild.

Although I did encounter minor issues, such as poor inventory management, they were not enough to make me abandon the game. The Minotaur Prince was so ingrained in me that I finished the entire game in one sitting. This is how captivating the game is. It's amazing how captivating this game is. I can only imagine how much more engaging a third Blossom Tales title could be if developers tried to add some creativity into the formula.

Baby, I swear it's deja vu

Castle Pixel, the developer of The Sleeping King chose to remain in The Legend of Zelda’s shadow for The Minotaur Princess rather than forging its own path. Everything you see in the game, from the tools that you unlock to your songs, can be traced back to Link's adventures during the past 30 years. While most Zelda-like games share some of the same DNA, many others try to find their own path. Reverie and Turnip Boy Commits tax Evasion might not be the most popular Zelda-like entries, but they do bring a unique perspective to the action-adventure genre. Blossom Tales would prefer to be the poster child of Oscar Wilde’s famous quote about imitation.

The truth is that Castle Pixel's series has a great idea at its core, which could help it stand out from its inspiration. The story is often influenced by the children Lily and Chrys, as it is a story within the story. The siblings may disagree about which enemy Lily encountered. You, the player, can decide who gets your vote. This is a fun twist to the narrative. However, there are only a few instances where this choice mechanism may be used. This might seem too ambitious for a small team of indie developers, but it would be great to see the conceit come to fruition where kids have direct influence over everything, from the bosses they fight to the layout of the land.

Blossom Tales 2: The Minotaur Prince is a great indie Zelda clone. Although it isn't quite as good as its predecessor, and doesn't have an identity, Blossom Tales II: The Minotaur Prince is a solid action-adventure title that makes good use of the Legend of Zelda building blocks to create a satisfying adventure.

[This review is based upon a retail version of the game that was provided by the publisher.]

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