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OlliOlliWorld Review - Video Days Game Informer

OlliOlliWorld Review - Video Days Game Informer

Reviewed on PlayStation 5>Also on Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Switch, PC>Publisher Private Division>Developer Roll7>ReleaseFebruary 8, 2022Rating Everyone 10+>

Last week, my hand started to hurt. It didn't bother me much because I wasn’t sure why it was hurting. My reason was discovered on Monday while playing OlliOlli World. It was a great way to promote World.

World is a 2D skateboarding game that is easy to learn and has a high skill ceiling. The game quickly teaches you the basics of the trick system. This is mostly based on flicking and rotating your left and right thumbsticks. After that, you can get out of your way and move in a manner that drops you into levels and gives you objectives. Once you are able to skate, you will be able to take the game down. In a matter of minutes, I was able to pull off large combinations and, more importantly, had a lot of fun doing it. Although I didn't really get the hang of OlliOlli 1, World was a game I found enjoyable and I feel compelled to keep learning its systems. The game doesn't come with a lot of frustration. All skill levels are welcome to enjoy this game.

The game will continue to present a challenging challenge, both in the best and the worst. Your arsenal of tricks grows as the levels become more difficult, just like you would expect. It's an unbeatable thrill to beat a level in one long combination - using grinds, grabs and flip tricks as well as manuals across various verticalities and secret routes.

This will allow you to become very proficient at OlliOlli World. To maintain a long combo in later levels, you must be able to perform new tricks and be ready for the next level. It's thrilling to feel completely out of control with my hands, but it also makes me proud of myself for doing it despite the complexity of controller inputs.

Amazing level design is a great example of this, both from a layout and aesthetic perspective. The game's colorful, cel-shaded veneer may appear simple and minimalist at first glance, but there are many levels in World that are enormous in scale. Sometimes the camera will pull out leaving your player with a small dot onscreen. This is because it shows you the maze of ramps and rails around you. You can also replay each level to find new adventures and combos. I found it very helpful to quickly revisit a level in order to check out the other routes and what obstacles I might encounter. World is a beautiful watercolor painting that you can see throughout the game. I was able to glimpse funny characters and outrageous designs as I went by.

World's main problem is its inability to stop the speed. There were several levels where I would find myself stuck on a jump or ramp, searching endlessly for the single-pixel that I needed to launch myself to the next clearing. This is part of the challenge. However, I found myself repeating these sections incessantly as I tried to locate the exact place where the game required me jump. This slowed down the flow of the levels. This isn't an issue for every stage. However, I found myself getting stuck at certain points as I progressed towards the end.

Overall, OlliOlli World was a great experience. It's both a beautiful and funny game that allows new players to onboard well, while giving veterans plenty to challenge. A silly story is included about the search for the mythical skate gods "Gnarvana", in the world "Radlandia". It's funny enough and easy to skip if you don't want it - which I was after about an hour. Despite the headaches, I was open to all OlliOlli World challenges, even if they were at my expense.

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