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Foretales Review: A Deep Deck of Fun

Foretales for PC In recent years, there has been a lot of cards in games. Depending on your preferences, this can be either the best thing about..

Foretales Review: A Deep Deck of Fun

Foretales for PC

In recent years, there has been a lot of cards in games. Depending on your preferences, this can be either the best thing about gaming or an unnecessary blend of genres. It is not difficult to see that there have been some really creative games that were born from the use of cards in gameplay. In Alkemi’s Foretales it is a wonderful complement to an adventure game that is full of possibilities but also makes a few mistakes.

Players will be transported to a world full of anthropomorphic animals. As Volepain, a small-time thief, you have to save the day. A dark prophecy hangs over everyone's fate. As the countdown to the apocalypse speeds along, players will need to decide how to proceed.

Image Source: Alkemi via Twinfinite

It's all very complicated, but it boils down to jumping from one location to another, using the cards you have to accomplish objectives, find clues, or take out any opposition who are at the wrong time and wrong place when it comes down to combat.

Foretales uses cards to help you make key decisions and solve puzzles. It could be that you are trying to find the best way to escape or to bribe the guards in order to get access. There are many options, but combat is not encouraged.

Foretales offers both traditional and modern gameplay. However, Foretales shines when it focuses on the latter. You can accumulate fame, infamy and money to help you branch out. But combat is not always about the numbers. With less strategy than I would like, the side that does the most damage fastest often wins. It is tedious and doesn't offer much reward. Combat sequences can also be a hindrance to more exciting things, such as adventuring around the world.

Source: Alkemi via Twinfinite

Foretales' writing is excellent, and the story presents different scenarios that allow the characters to shine in their respective areas. There's always something new for players to discover, whether it's Volepain's dependence on his thieving skills to uncover secrets or Karst's propensity towards finding smuggling destinations. Different cards can lead to unique interactions that could alter the outcome of the game.

You can, for example, choose to purchase what you need from a merchant or pickpocket unwary businessmen to get what your heart desires. You can choose to take the appropriate actions, which has corresponding consequences. This allows you some flexibility in handling the matter, provided that you are willing and able to pay the price. You can explore and pay attention to different paths that lead you to your goals, making Foretales more than a card-fighter in a sense.

This combination of clever writing, engaging puzzles and the use cards makes the journey worthwhile, even if it is not your favorite card game. You can think of cards as a vehicle that transports you through important moments in your story. Then, watch how your choices play out in Foretales.

Source: Alkemi via Twinfinite

Foretales' visual style is a great example of how to make everything look clean and stylish. This gives it a balance for an adventure that can lean towards the dark side when it needs. The use of color can add to the fun, but not too much.

Foretales is not designed to involve players in the card-building side of the game, which can lead to a lot of frustration. It is impossible to tailor your deck to a specific playstyle or build your crew's abilities. You may find characters who act differently to others, which can lead to inconsistent character development. Character development is often done by the player.

Despite its problems, Foretales is still a fun ride. This is especially true when it comes down to the clever way cards are used in non-combat sequences. Foretales is a great game because it allows you to replay the story and change it based on your decisions. It's also a lot more replayable than other games like Voice of Cards or Inscryption.

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