Friday, Sep 30, 2022

Valorant patch 5.03 notes: Chamber nerfs arrive, Neon ult change

Lauren Bergin>Published Aug 9, 2022>ValorantValorant patch 5.03 finally disables French Sentinel and Chamber as well as tweaking Jett's ultimate..


Lauren Bergin >Published Aug 9, 2022 >ValorantValorant patch 5.03 finally disables French Sentinel and Chamber as well as tweaking Jett's ultimate abilities. Riot Games' flagship FPS now runs on Unreal Engine 4.26. This makes it more smooth than ever.

Players demanded it, and it is here: Valorant’s Chamber will finally be nerfed. Riot has turned their attention to Riot, who have taken him down a few steps to end his reign as the dominant sniper after an incredible pick rate at the Valorant Champions Tour Masters Masters in Copenhagen.

Feisty Filipina (Neon) is also making a move to the proverbial arrow. However, her changes aren’t as drastic as they seem on paper. As her headshot multiplier has been greatly improved, players will need to concentrate on making heads with her Ultimate and not just zooming in and hoping it works.

Riot has also updated the game engine to Unreal 4.26 in order to improve the experience. They have also made changes to the Agent select screen.

Valorant patch 5.03 nerfs room (finally).

Chamber is one of Valorant’s most controversial Agents. Chamber is now a Sentinel, an Agent whose main role it is to lockdown sites with traps. He's also a one-man army with his impressive weapon collection.

His teleport, Rendezvous, has the main changes. The cooldown time for recall and use has been increased by 10 seconds. If another player destroys the glistening anchor, he will need to wait 45 seconds before planting another. Also, he needs to be closer to it than 21m.

Trademark also suffered a setback, with its slow time being cut to 6s instead 9.5s and Headhunter's bullets costing 150 credits instead 100.

His Ultimate now costs 8 instead of 7 points, and the damage it inflicts has dropped to 6s. The damage multiplier for hitting your enemy's leg and also missing their head is 0.85 instead 1.

These changes are significant but Riot is confident that Chamber's nerfs will not be too much. While we will have to wait and see where Chamber ranks in the Valorant Tier List after 5.03, I really hope that it is at least in the B tier.

Valorant patch 5.03: Full Notes

Below is the Valorant patch 5.03 note, courtesy Riot Games.


Unreal Engine 4.26 Engine update The UI is misbehaving and there are some issues. These issues are being fixed as fast as possible, but you can expect some funkiness on the main menu and in the game. Please report any bugs that may interrupt your gameplay. Agent Browser visual design refresh GENT UPDATES


Rendezvous (E)

Base Cooldown increased by 20s >> 30s Recall cooldown increased by 20s >> 40s Cooldown reduced to 45s when a Rendezvous anchor has been destroyed. The "ring" Chamber size that allows the user to activate Rendezvous is now 21m >> 15m

Trademark (C).

Slow Duration decreased to 9.5 >> 6s

Tour De Force (X)

Ultimate Points Requirement Increased 7 >> 8Slow Duration Reduced 9.5 >> 6s

Headhunter (Q).

Increased Bullet Costs 100 > 150


We are updating the ultimates of the next Agent to follow the same regional damage rules as our weapons. Hits to the head or legs of enemies apply different damage multipliers. Our intention is to reward precision, and ensure consistency in damage in Valorant.

It gives Neon more control over her skill level and allows us to tune her movements. This will allow her to track while sprinting with greater mastery.



22. Damage per shot decreased. 15m. 20m. Increased 15m. >> 20m. The leg shot multiplier was reduced to 1.0 >> 0.85Headshot multiplier was increased 1 >> 3.


Tour De Force (X)

Reduced leg shot multiplier to 1.0 >> 0.85


Bladestorm (X)

Reduced leg shot multiplier to 1.0 >> 0.85


You can now change the "Ghost" keybind from outside Custom Games. This option is available under Settings > Controls > Activities



Jett's Tailwind was fixed. The weapon pull-out animation would take longer if you switched weapons during the dash.

Gameplay Systems

Fixed a bug that caused some Reyna/Killjoy HUD elements to remain visible even after enabling Hide User Interface. Also fixed a bug in which defuse animation would not play consistently if the orb was tapped repeatedly.


Crosshair preview visual flickers when crosshair opacity is changed in-game.