Tuesday, Mar 5, 2024

Untitled Warcraft mobile games are in development, more information to follow in May

Untitled Warcraft mobile games are in development, more information to follow in May

Blizzard today announced some big news in the form a huge announcement about a mobile game that will be set in the Warcraft universe. Although details are scarce at the moment we know that more information will be released in May and that the "first game in the Warcraft Universe” will be made specifically for mobile. It is likely that it will not be the same format as the RTS Warcraft, but instead be optimized for mobile.

Blizzard has also revealed a few exciting things fans can look forward to over the next few months, apart from this hushy Warcraft mobile news. This includes Hearthstone's first expansion for the year.

Fans can look forward to more information on the annual Core Set changes and Hearthstone expansions, which will be available March 15th. The Warcraft Universe has been igniting imaginations around the world for nearly 28 years through its rich storytelling and vast worlds. It is the foundation of World of Warcraft, Hearthstone and other games, providing entertainment, community and competition for millions. John Hight, Warcraft General Manager, has some exciting news for both the Hearthstone Tavern patrons and the heroes of Azeroth," he wrote in a blog post.

Although things have been difficult for Blizzard recently, they seem optimistic about the future of their games. We thank you for being part of the Blizzard community. Hight wrote that they are excited for the future and were grateful to have you as part of it. "Thanks for playing! We'll see each other in Azeroth, at the Tavern, and everywhere else!"

You can still download Hearthstone from the iOS App Store, or the Google Play Store for Android, if your heart is set on playing the game.

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