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This Nvidia RTX gaming computer with a Star Trek display is a sci-fi savior

Phil Hayton>Published Aug 9, 2022>Gaming hardwareNvidiaA modder created a Star Trek-inspired gaming PC performance monitor. It looks almost like an..


Phil Hayton >Published Aug 9, 2022 >Gaming hardwareNvidiaA modder created a Star Trek-inspired gaming PC performance monitor. It looks almost like an Nvidia RTX3080 rig from another planet. This custom case display was inspired by an iconic prop from Star Trek, but it will appeal to both Trekkies as well as sci-fi lovers.

Mangy_Dog created the Star Trek gaming PC performance screen. It is housed in a Lian Li O11 Dynamic micro case and an Nvidia GeForce RTX3080 graphics card. (via Hackaday). The striking screen, also known as the "The Mainframe Compute Observator", displays useful hardware information such as processor temperature, wattage and fan speeds.

The creator downloaded a 3D model of this case and was able adjust the mounting and fit for the stats screen. This makes it appear natural. Mangy_Dog claims that the idea for the display was inspired by a custom Star Trek project.

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Although the screen is a five-inch TFT LCD display, Mangy_Dog's custom Arduino graphic driver is what makes it truly magical. The creator explains the code and layout of the board. If you are interested in clever but complicated PCB design, then you will want to see how it all works.

This custom screen is reminiscent of Star Trek. However, it looks just like something you would find in a Nostromo. Nerdy Alien references aside. The subtle futuristic vibe this hardware performance monitor emits is truly remarkable and a testament of the creativity of modders in the gaming PC space.

This project is quite advanced so you may need to make a lot of notes if you want to give it a try. It's possible to turn an old laptop screen into case display. You might want to start there before you go where no casual player has gone before.

This custom Doom BGF gaming computer is for those who are more interested in absurdity than functionality. The rig looks so ridiculous it could explode Mars.

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