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The Next Title From Blazing Chrome Devs Is A Futuristic Tribute to Shinobi

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Blazing Chrome, a Contra-inspired run and gunner by JoyMasher, was a huge hit with us back in 2019. We are thrilled that JoyMasher is bringing it to Switch with a similar-looking gunner, Blazing Chrome.

JoyMasher looks back at Sega Genesis / Mega Drive stalwarts like Shinobi and other action platformers from the NES, SNES and Sega systems in Vengeful Guardian - Moonrider It's a futuristic, bloody side-scrolling platformer that boasts "snappy and responsive" combat. The game sounds and looks exactly like the Mega Drive classics it emulates in motion. You can think of Robocop with a Ninja Robot, and this is what you can expect.

The Arcade Crew will publish the game once more. They also published Infernax, a retro-inspired game earlier in the year. JoyMasher's past efforts have shown that it has a keen eye for old-school pixel art games. We are eager to grab this one.

The Arcade Crew released a summary of the game:

Vengeful Guardian Moonrider's design features the best action game elements, including the laser-precise eyes of its star ninja. This makes combat fast, fluid, and challenging. The adventure's powerful modifier chips are kept hidden and guarded throughout, giving the cyborg super soldier the ability to change its fighting style and gain incredible abilities. Through intricate pixel art, crisp audio and stunning visuals, the game's dark world faithfully recreates 16-bit times. It features eight deadly stages that are characterized by a compact, striking gauntlet. Vengeful Guardian Moonrider delights in a refined platforming experience for a focused, tight experience that never lets it get boring.

Humanity meets a rare hero in Vengeful Guardian. Moonrider is a warrior who has been brought online by authoritarians. Moonrider was originally created to be a tool for totalitarian states, but it has chosen to fight relentlessly against its creators, as well as its fellow super soldiers.

Sign us up. Sign up to be a robot ninja fighter against totalitarianism every day of the week. The trailer shows off the game's inspirations, but the screens also show off the game’s amazing pixel art. It's very similar to the grungy, retro-looking classics of the '90s.

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Vengeful Guardian Moonrider will be riding on the Switch eShop this Autumn, so stay tuned for more information. If you haven’t yet had the chance to grab Blazing Chrome, check out our review.

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What do you think about Vengeful Guardian: Moonrider Are you up for some tough Shinobi-esque combat and platforming? We'd love to hear from you in the comments