Friday, Sep 30, 2022

Fortnite Metal Gear Solid map guides players through MGS history

Jason Coles>Updated August 15, 2022>FortniteFortnite players spend a lot time crushing each other in battle royale, but they also create some of the..


Jason Coles >Updated August 15, 2022 >FortniteFortnite players spend a lot time crushing each other in battle royale, but they also create some of the most incredible maps you'll ever see. The Bioshock map recreated Rapture. One player now takes us through Metal Gear Solid history, paying homage to Hideo Kojima's ultimate stealth game.

While the creative mode is fun to use, only the most dedicated players will be able recreate board games or have their maps shared on Fortnite's official Twitter, such as this map inspired by Fall Guys and this World of Deathrun map. Metal Gear Solid's map shows how flawed this system can be.

NaoEdwin created this map. We can't go there because we haven't been granted publishing rights. However, you can watch the videos they posted. The majority of the gameplay is found on the first map. It also features some Codec cutscenes and early Metal Gear Solid moments. It's great to see how NaoEdwin created Fortnite's feel and interactables. Watching them shout at their enemies to stealthily take them out is also fun.

Also, the second video section with the blizzard is very impressive. Although it obscures some of the action, it adds a lot of atmosphere and accuracy to recreation. To progress through each level, they will need to use a silent pistol to kill enemies from far away and to hunt down various items. You can also check out the second part of the video on this thread if you don't manage to watch all of it. Epic should allow this person to publish their maps properly, we hope.

Official Fortnite crossover news has announced the date for the Dragon Ball event. If stealth is not your thing, you should try the Ripsaw Launcher every chance you get. You should also check out our guide to Fortnite's essential tricks and trips and our guide to Fortnite's creative mode. Also, learn how to create your own mini-games.