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Fans are unable to wait for Hogwarts Legacy's release date. They make it happen themselves

Will Nelson >Published Sep 25, 2022 at 11:15 ET >Hogwarts LegacyAfter the delay in Hogwarts Legacy's release, a young developer and Harry Potter enthusiast decided to remake the upcoming RPG in Unity to teach them more about game development.

Although this fan-version of Hogwarts will not be made public, Arnie, an indie developer, has been creating it to help them hone their craft and it looks great. This has nothing to do with Avalanche Studios' video game. Arnie even called their game "Henwarts Legend" to keep it safe.

Open-world gameplay is created using an imported Hogwarts castle, a series Unity assets and plug ins to create the landscape and Wizard-related architecture. Arnie even designed gameplay mechanics and magic spells.

Some spells in the Hogwarts legacy fan-game are very simple. For example, one spell that illuminates your Wand in dark areas or another that levitates objects temporarily. Arnie has created a spell that transforms an object into chicken, and another that allows you to capture the chicken.

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Arnie's Hogwarts Legacy second half is full of cinematic footage and gameplay that really shows the effort that went into creating this fan-game. The covered bridge, moving staircases, Hagrid, and many other elements are included. Robbie Coltrane does not reprise his role, but text-to-speech works just the same.

Although this project is not as ambitious as the official Hogwarts Legacy launch date, the dedication to creating a Harry Potter world with relevant game mechanics and a Harry Potter world is admirable and will fill the gap for the Hogwarts Legacy's release date.

Arnie's journey and creation is a refreshing look into game creation. It also shows you what it takes to create a game world with the relevant mechanics.

Avalanche Studios has teased that the team is keen to hear from you about the Hogwarts Legacy launch date.

JK Rowling is the creator of Harry Potter and has made many transphobic comments on social media. WB Games states that JK Rowling was not involved in the creation and sale of the game. However, the game is based on her work. It is still unknown if she will be receiving royalties. Two important charities that we recommend you check out are the National Center for Transgender Equality (USA) and Mermaids (UK).

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