Friday, Sep 30, 2022

Alone in the Dark's PS5 Reimagining is a Real Resident Evil Rival

Although Resident Evil was the first survival horror game on PS1, it would not have been possible without Infogrames' Alone in the Dark. It was first ..


Although Resident Evil was the first survival horror game on PS1, it would not have been possible without Infogrames' Alone in the Dark. It was first released in 1992 and then ported to consoles like 3DO. The game featured a 3D environment that you could use to solve puzzles related to the suicide of Jeremy Hartwood. You could play as Edward Carnby, a private detective, or Emily Hartwood, a grieving niece.

THQ Nordic has revived the franchise after several bad sequels, including the disastrous 2008 reboot of Eden Games Alone in the Dark: Inferno. The script is being written by Mikael Hedberg, a renowned author of SOMA and Amnesia. It is our goal to transform the Derceto Mansion into a terrifying backdrop for the new era.

There are some updates to the story. You can still play as Edward or Emily, but you will need to go through the campaign twice in order to see all of it. Jeremy doesn't commit suicide this time. The mansion is instead described as a mental asylum, for the wealthy and rich, where things have gone wrong. There are supernatural elements in the film, which will take you outside the manor for key story sequences.

We can see that the atmosphere is thick based on the short gameplay clips we have seen. The mansion is located in New Orleans. Jason Kohnen, a Dutch composer, has been hired to create a "dark jazz" soundtrack that perfectly fits the setting. Metric Minds will create pre-rendered cutscenes. They also worked on Sony's flagship PS4 title Horizon Zero Dawn.

The developer promises that the game will combine exploration, combat and puzzle solving. The team showed us a simple brainteaser that required a slide puzzle to be completed. However, the team promised that the complexity of these head scratchers would increase as the campaign progresses. Although the combat looks a bit like Resident Evil 2 in a bargain bin, it's easy to draw comparisons to Capcom’s seminal remake. However, there is still time to tidy up these elements.

THQ Nordic seems very concerned about spoilers and has even created a custom "playable teaser" (the publisher's words, not ours) inspired by Alone in the Dark 2’s Jack in the Dark demo. It will be displayed at Gamescom and will let you play the part of Grace Saunders, a young girl. Although it is not clear if this will be made available to the public at the time of writing it, it seems safe to assume that it will.

Although no launch window has been set for the title, we expect it to arrive around 2023. It is interesting to see how Alone in the Dark - a key inspiration for Resident Evil - is following in the footsteps Capcom's franchise. But we are optimistic partly because of the writing talent involved in this project and the overall approach to doing the original justice. We are confident that this instalment will be the best since the original series in the early 1990s.

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