Friday, Aug 19, 2022

You have until 2025 for Wi-Fi 6, before it becomes yesterday's news.

Intel's Wi-Fi 7 802.11be is expected to offer significant improvements over current standards. The company claims that the next generation will have..


Intel's Wi-Fi 7 "802.11be" is expected to offer significant improvements over current standards. The company claims that the next generation will have twice the frequency bandwidth and double the processing speed of Wi-Fi 6E. These numbers may see further improvements, even though there is still some time before they are officially released to the public.

According to Korea IT News (opens new tab) (via Hardware Info, opens in new tab), Eric McLaughlin (Vice President of Wireless Solutions at Intel) claims that the next generation Wi-Fi will be twice as fast than Wi-Fi 6E. This will include improved processing speeds and bandwidth as well as stability.

The new tech will provide high speeds of up to 6GHz and a wider bandwidth for single channels at 320MHz. It could reach 5.8Gbps with two 2x2 connections. This is a significant improvement on Wi-Fi 6E which only delivers 2.4Gbps over 2x2 connections.

Wi-Fi 7 theoretically could support speeds up to 36Gbps. We've seen MediaTek Wi-Fi 7 demos reach at least 30Gbps (opens new tab), which "is the maximum speed defined in IEEE 802.11be."

McLaughlin noted that there are still opportunities to improve the processing speed, despite the fact that 802.11be will be released in a little over a year.

McLaughlin stated that his team is currently developing Intel's WiFi '802.11be" in order to receive the Wi-Fi Alliance certification. He also said that it would be installed in laptops and other PC products by 2024. McLaughlin clarifies that Intel does not expect the technology to be available in major markets before 2025.

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This means that while the world has already seen Wi-Fi 7's first release (opens in new window), it will be a while before we see this new technology in laptops. We could see laptops that run at breakneck speeds when that day arrives. We are getting very antsy in the PCG office as Wi-Fi 7 gets closer to our desks thanks to Intel's "strong partnerships" with global companies.

Imagine how much time it would save to transfer today's large games (opens new tab) over this kind of connection. Maybe then Wi-Fi would be trusted to allow us to continue our gaming as much as ethernet.