Monday, May 16, 2022

Nvidia's GPU mining caper has been completely unlocked for the RTX 3080T

It took over a year for Nvidia's LHR (Lite Hash Rate) GPU tech to be fully disabled. LHR was Nvidia’s hardware-based attempt at thwarting..


It took over a year for Nvidia's LHR (Lite Hash Rate) GPU tech to be fully disabled. LHR was Nvidia’s hardware-based attempt at thwarting cryptocurrency miners and getting "more GeForce Cards at better prices into gamers' hands." It is similar to the Star Wars droid's restraining bolt. After a lot of back and forth with hackers and Nvidia, the full bypass has been confirmed.

This is great news for anyone who wants to mine cryptocurrency with their GeForce RTX3080, but not for those of you still waiting for the GPU market balance to allow us to finally play Elden Ring at ultra graphics settings.

Nvidia's mining limiter was causing problems. They accidentally published the wrong driver, giving everyone full hash rates. This was quickly retracted, but NBMiner later managed to hack Nvidia’s mining limiter to increase its efficiency to 70%.

However, it was impossible to increase that percentage without simultaneously mining two cryptocurrencies.

Videocardz claims that the new bypass is from NiceHash. It's QuickMiner (Excavator) and NiceHash Miner support will be available soon. has confirmed that miners can get 100% efficiency using an RTX3080 Ti card. This is 117 MH/s more than the 85-88MH/s previously logged.

Some commenters mention that they have tried it with different 30-series cards and mixed results. One couple claims their RTX3060 LHR Zotac doesn't get better hash rates. One even tried the "reinstall with RC version" suggestion, but to no avail.

Another big problem? It supports only the DaggerHashimoto algorithm (Etash).

However, it's not nearly as restrictive as trying to hash two cryptocurrency simultaneously or as dangerous as accidentally downloading an unintentional crypto-hungry infection onto your computer. Some alleged full LHR unlocks were used to distribute malware to unsuspecting bitcoin miners.

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Lapsus$ hackers threatened to publish an LHR bypass in the event that Nvidia did not comply with their terms earlier this year. However, the group of teenagers behind the hacking group appears to have been detained and it seems like they didn’t get the chance.

Gaming enthusiasts still waiting to get a new-generation GPU could be affected by the raising of such hacks. This limiter will likely rekindle interest in Nvidia's 30-series cards, even in the face an increased GPU stock level and the possibility of pricing being balanced out. Despite the fact that cryptocurrency mining is losing profitability, we may not feel the worst.

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