Monday, May 16, 2022

AMD is bringing its friends to Computex, but Jen-Hsun is not to be seen

Computex will kick off this month and it could be where we discover all about the next generation gaming hardware. These new silicon slices promise..


Computex will kick off this month and it could be where we discover all about the next generation gaming hardware. These new silicon slices promise frame rates that are beyond our wildest imaginations. It could also be an anticlimax in which both AMD and Nvidia show off their new technologies but don't give us anything tangible other than a few chips or an anonymous benchmark.

As is the tradition for Taiwan's tech show, AMD's star CEO, Dr. Lisa Su is hosting one the three CEO Keynotes. Nvidia just announced that it will also be giving a keynote the next day.

Jen-Hsun was not spotted on the Nvidia show's speaker list, but he did not wear a leather jacket. Jeff Fisher is there, so there is a possibility there will be something for GeForce gamers. However, it might just be a quick and finally ' where he presents some teaser trailers for the RTX 4000-series, which is expected to be around August or September.

He may instead suggest a completely new name scheme.

AMD's keynote, titled "AMD Advancing High-Performance Computing Experience", promises that it and its ecosystem partners will "show breakthrough performance and leadership experiences to gamers, enthusiasts, and creators."

We know there will be new Zen 4 CPUs later this year and RDNA3 GPUs. There is also a possibility that Dr. Su might introduce something similar. Those partners might be able to showcase Zen 4 laptops or Zen 4 CPUs on stage.

If I had to guess, Su or Mark Papermaster would wave a Zen 4 processor and its new heatspreader around. But graphics cards will not be mentioned.

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According to some reports, Nvidia's Computex keynote will feature the most recent gaming products. However, this is a single line from the Nvidia website. This can be read in several different ways. Here's the full line:

"NVIDIA will show how AI powers the enterprise data centre and the latest products, technologies and services for creators and gamers."

This can be read either as "NVIDIA presents... the most recent products and technology for creators and gamers" or "NVIDIA Will Present... how AI powers... the latest products, technologies and gamers for creators," which is less exciting.

However, Jeff Fisher, the senior vice president of GeForce, is there and will have some words to say about gaming. It will hopefully not be as trivial as his mention at CES 2022 of the delayed RTX3090 Ti.

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Where will Intel be? It will likely still be working on its drivers, hoping to finally have a performant discrete GPU available before the end. If things had gone according to plan, I have heard that Intel would have made some major announcements at Computex.

They really don't.

However, I expect little more than teasers and not much else. Many companies won't tie their biggest launches to specific shows. They prefer to host their own events, where they can be dominant over the competition.

Computex will be over, and the hype machine will kick into high gear as we move towards the new generation of gaming gear at year's end.